Monday, March 16, 2009

And now for your moment of zen...

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All I can do is think of back in the day when the lit-snobs sniffed derisively at the term "sci-fi" as mundane or media geek code for '50s BEM movies or garish '70s camp, and sealed the deal by pronouncing it "skiffy." So where does "Syfy" leave us?

That was also the time, though, that fly-over media fans (outside LA and NYC) were petitioning their goonie local cable vendors to add Sci-Fi to the cable offerings, since it was seen as such a fringe audience in the Amurikun mainstream (never mind from the fact that cable was supposed to be "narrow-casting" ... ) But, the numbers did, as we know, finally build up to build the juggernaut of B-movie TV movie production (BTV movies?) that Sci-Fi has become today. (Well, OK, and a certain Friday night of other slightly notable classics as well.)

What is anyone supposed to think of this—fan or mainstream viewer? What, the little Saturn logo and a stylized SFC design couldn't be trademarked, too?

Ironic it is that this story about the logo change has hit far more mainstream media outlets than the little channel's founders nearly 20 years ago could ever have dreamed of. Sci-Fi Channel—you have arrived.

Oh—and now left.

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