Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Royalties on the Edge of Forever

Well, now we are REALLY in a retro-Star Trek era. Just like old times, Harlan is in a feud with Paramount.... er, Paramount/CBS, on the TV side.

After all these years and talk of having made up with the studio—or just mellowed out—Harlan Ellison is kickin' up a Star Trek ruckus once again and grabbin' headlines. And—can you blame him?—it's all about the offshoot money.

Sure, by modern standards, Harlan was never on staff, and penned only one episode. It's just that that "one epsiode" is perhaps the most iconic of the original series, so much so that it easily clears the bar for even Christmas ornament status...

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Dwight Williams said...

I really hope they settle out of court, quickly and equitably. Neither side really needs the grief, right?