Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Chair-ies turn proud and loud

Maybe it's the allusion to The Big Lincoln of monument fame, as a seat of not just power but historical power. "Iconic" seems a weak word, indeed.

And of course, thank modern tech and online communities like the propmakers for making this New York Times story about the "Chair Club" even possible: members can now be easily traced.

Even though these guys pooh-pooh the incarnations, I've witness The Chair Effect lure sitters one by one like a magnet many times over on the Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and Archer sets ... as well as the Kirk versions at convention, "Mirror Darkly" Defiant onstage, the Exhibition/Tour and Cawley bridge incarnations...

But am I the eternal nerd for always feeling more comfortable in those latter examples by leaning on the rail just behind, or on the chair arm just to the right, of The Chair? Dammit, Jim, you know what I mean!

Now, if you want to talk building a swivel-down exam bed with the body functions monitor and the surgical support arm—now you're talkin' a geekout.

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