Saturday, April 11, 2009

STV/Trek2Chuck III: Touring BuyMore with David Trotti

The Chuck season is winding down, but our Trek2Chuck link is still very much alive. And with the Scott Bakula (and Chevy Chase) trilogy closing out the season with a bang the next two Mondays, March 20 and 27 (8 p.m./NBC!) I'm posting this tour of the BuyMore set with David Trotti, a colleague and longtime assistant director (from trainee to 2nd to 1st) through the Trek series from later TNG to ST VI to Voyager and then Enterprise...and true to form, he drops some Trek behind-the-scenes info even here.

Once again, David's just one of many Treklanders working on this fun dramedy: a nerdy but promising hero biding time in low-level retail until his brain is accidentally jammed with the nation's classified secrets. If you missed our prior vlogs, check out Robbie McNeill as producer/director, and Bob Picardo as guest star; fan fave Adam Baldwin of Firefly fame is here too, as is Bonnie Friedericy, John Billingsley's wife.

Hopefully, if you give it a try and sound off by petition or Facebook, and the numbers stay good, Chuck will be back for Season 3 next fall—along with our Trek2Chuck visits...

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Anonymous said...

Love the behind the scenes stuff, Larry!!! You're still the best in the biz.