Friday, May 8, 2009

Finally--BK has a winner... with Trek?

The last few years, Burger King's corporate identity has been a bit murky and fuzzy, with those horribly spooky Burger King plasto-mask characters not offering much. They conjur up the shakes, all right—but not of the dairy variety. And that's apparently what corporate BK wants. (And I say this as a fan of the menu...)

But maybe there's a positive ending here—and on two fronts.

JJ had to delete his Klingon scene—but could the movie's loss be BK's gain? This is a LOT of marketing moxie put out for just a single movie ... and did you catch the KING-ons at the Grauman's Hollywood premiere May 30?

Oh—that redshirt (who survives!) ought to do conventions... if BK hasn't thought of that already...

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Tdrake1701 said...

Larry- I am with you..The Burger King is creepy...(not to mention the innapropriate Sponge Bob ads)
The Burger Kingons get them a pass. I was a little dissapointed in the toys.