Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meanwhile, on the LAST huge Trek movie opening...

This is pretty funny ... I recall the quiz but forgot about a prize...!! Maybe I never got up from Ada to OKC to claim it ... (h/t to Mark VIA Johnny Hunter...)


Frederick said...


Congrats on winning the prize! My question now is... do you still have each and every one of the items you won?

Likewise, I've posted a TMP-opening weekend article on my blog to relate to the new one. I never thought I'd see another Trek movie with such huge anticipation as that one in 1979, but here we are! And the movie is certainly getting better reviews, so we don't come home disappointed.

Larry Nemecek said...

Thanks for dropping by! Excellent blog you have (like my old OKC friend Mark). And you went for a blue color scheme on Blogger as well.. hmmm! Great minds, eh? (It matches my business cards.)