Thursday, August 13, 2009

Memory Wall 2 in Vegas: Spontaneous Experience!

Remember the incredible "memory wall" as Quark's counted down to closure last summer?

Followed by that bare board of billboards we saw in February, covering up the old ST: Experience gateway like a crude Band-aid over an open wound?

Now we have "Memory Wall II" from the Vegas weekend (above): someone provided the Post-Its and pens, and fans did the rest. From a half-dozen notes on Wednesday night, to this mushrooming mass by Sunday—here's just a sample of comments:

(Klingonese for "*CURSE!* Where's Quark's?")

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Warbirdguy said...

I and all the fans of the Experience hope that someone at Paramount keep track of what the fans are saying.
We Want A New Star Trek the Experience.