Friday, August 14, 2009

Shared Stuff: Remember Universal's "ST Adventure"?

Before the Experience in Vegas, from 1988-1994 vicarious Starfleet thrills by fans were first available at the Star Trek Adventure at Universal Studios Hollywood. I recently got to chat with my pal Ken Paulin, then and now the president of LA Promo, and he offered to share some rare behind-the-scenes pics of the giant inflated Enterprise that graced the kick-off PR hoopla for the attraction. I'll let him explain as we time-jump back to 1988:

This was during a test of a 150' long cold-air inflatable (with working phasers) at Universal Studios Hollywood when we launched the Star Trek Adventure attraction. I designed and exec-produced it along with all the marketing/promotions for the opening. This was me with my then 5 year-old son Kenny:

And this is of my kids on the (upside down) saucer section during in-factory tests. The cold-air inflatable had a 3-ton steel super-structure that was bolted to the 6-story parking structure at Universal overlooking the Hollywood Freeway. The Enterprise was built in top secret conditions in San Diego, CA near the TOPGUN base at Miramar. In order to get clearance to arm it with phasers (lasers) we had to get both CalTrans and FAA approval to determine the precise beam termination points. This was all, again, in support of the opening of STAR TREK ADVENTURE at Universal Studios Hollywood:

Thanks for sharing, Ken!

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