Sunday, September 27, 2009

Art department reunion: Now HERE'S one for the ages

What a great moment the Art Director's Guild put together last night with four eras of Star Trek art directors on a panel at the Egyptian Theatre: John Jefferies (brother of Matt), Joe Jennings, Herman Zimmerman and Scott Chambliss. A good time of storytelling was had by all. And kudos to Daren Doctorman's moderator role (though I still think he should have done his Gene R. voice) and to Mike and Denise O. for their clips and research. (John, at Columbia, did contract work for his brother of Trek—among the many stories his brother Richard wrote of in Matt's recent biography.)

You'll see panel pics of the quartet from this night of history all over, I'll wager, but here's one you might not otherwise see; I don't know when's the last time there's been this much of a DS9/Enterprise art reunion—at least, *I* know a Kodak moment when I see one. And was glad to wrangle this one!

(Left to right, that's Alan Kobayashi, John Eaves, Mike Okuda, Jim van Over, Denise Okuda, Fritz Zimmerman, and Herman Zimmerman.)

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