Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mainstream Trekland: Football edition

It's fall and football season—Boomer Sooner!—but even if you are not of the pigskin persuasion, little things like this mention should make you realize just how pervasive Trek is among today's sportswriters. Yes, sports!

This from an online Fannation column by Hugh Falk affiliated with SI/CNN, addressing the age-old illogic of human football poll voting—and no, he doesn't play the Vulcan card at all, and yes, that was his link I pass along:

... Of course, if Oklahoma beats Miami in two weeks…that's another story and a whole new set of problems for voters. Follow this hypothetical scenario if you can: Oklahoma beats Miami who beat FSU who beat BYU who beat Oklahoma….and they all have one loss! I don't even want to guess what the voters would do. They might shut down like one of Harry Mudd's android women from the original Star Trek when faced with illogical data. Okay, that's a lot of "if"s. Miami, FSU and BYU all have to win next week, and then Oklahoma has to beat Miami. However, that is just the type of scenario that proponents of a playoff should hope to see at the end of the season. ...

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