Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grand Slam & cast reality: it's a movie world

Almost let this get by, but Creation's recent regretful announcement postponing of the Trek side of its planned new "Grand Slam" show move to November due to a lack of ST '09 cast coming aboard was ... well... too bad, but not totally unexpected.

Kudos for Creation for trying for an event that would make sense after a blockbuster June opening, of course.

But as we wondered aloud a year ago—a movie-only franchise cast is different than a TV franchise cast:
... For now, anyway, while you’ll see their beaming faces all over at promo time next May, I’m betting they’ll be absent from standard convention slots fans are so accustomed to. They will likely love this movie—and the next ones—and their fans, and what they do for their careers… But as film actors they will likely be out doing just that, trekking the studio/meeting circuit, rather than the con circuit.
I’m just sayin.’

Zack Quinto had a bit o' fan background, and had his Heroes genre experience going in; he's been a Vegas visitor more than once. Give the rest of 'em time. Meanwhile, Adam and Gary, we still think a fall L.A. media con is still a great idea, down the road.

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