Sunday, September 20, 2009

L.A. ALERT: Go see Jeff and Robert: 2 incredible shows

The stars must have aligned this week —no pun intended—for Treklanders in theatre, and us to be able to go see them! For anyone in SoCal now, lemme give you a two-fer entry about two must-sees the next few weeks that just floored us:

Jeff Combs' one-man play Nevermore as Edgar Allen Poe is incredibly wide-ranging and engaging for the one-man format—and just got extended again through October to Halloween! More with him later here ... but see details for now...

And then Saturday night I tweeted "great, unexpected, stylized show!" after seeing Robert Beltran waaaaay far from Chakotay in the world premiere of Solitude at Los Angeles Theatre Center downtown, with the playwright in the cast. It runs Thursdays thru Sundays til Oct. 4; check it out!

And check out this special "Solitude" shout-out to Trek fans from Robert ... in his own wry style ...


Elisa said...

Hi Larry,

Looking forward to your full report on Nevermore. I've seen the show several times and it's amazing every time. Jeff Combs is just incredible as Poe. :)

If you got an interview with Jeff, I'd love to link to it in my blog. :)

Larry Nemecek said...


Since it was extended, we're going to try to do a fresh shortie in the next week. Will be happy to let you know when it's up! Do you Tweet? LOL

But you are right--that performance deserves to go far and wide... NY wide.

Elisa said...


Great! Send me any links to stuff when you have it up.

And I do tweet - I'm combscorner on Twitter. :)