Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DVD Trek Day: Tell me what you think

I realized it today when I got a few "congrats" emails, and woke up from a busy week:

Today's the big day for Paramount/CBS's Blu-Ray/DVD sets of the TNG movies, with the Blu-Ray disks adding on a CHUNK of new bonus stuff.

There's tons of Treklanders involved
in commentary tracks and other guestings, including yours truly in a unique new feature called Roundtable: I was privileged to lead a panel for each movie of "professional fans" that included Anthony Pascale of trekmovie.com, Jeff Bond of Geek Monthly magazine, and Charlene Anderson of The Planetary Society (and, as we discovered, quite the literature expert!).

I don't know how widespread the feeling is, but I've seen in some quarters fans have not been keen on the mix of "fans" into the commentary pool, but there is something to be said about those very close--i.e., a front-row seats, such as media, authors or consultants-- who do have a professional insight and appreciation. Paramount was trying to expand the features list with ideas that were not only new but do-able, and this seemed like a good idea. Like the films themselves, sometimes it can be a hit or miss, or better with a Take 2 if allowed—but the idea itself is fresh.

As is also having pros comment on another movie not their own—if they too are true fans. And these sets contain the new practice of mixing unique names for some titles' commentary: David Carson with Manny Coto on Generations, for instance. I had a ball doing a new ST VI track with Ira Behr, who worked with so many of those guest stars on DS9 and has the TOS fan cred to boot. NOTE that the Blu-ray sets features contain all the DVD features plus unique features only available in the Blu-rays.

No personal residuals, no royalties here... but these Blu-Ray sets—which are joined today with the TOS movies' DVD set and TOS Season 2 Blu-Ray—feature the biggest load of bonus material ever offered. And JJ's Star Trek '09 is still to come Nov. 17...

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