Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sept. 8, Part II: What did YOU do when you turned 21?

Happy birthday, Star Trek! It's Sept. 8 and that means another year has rolled around since 9/8/66—43 of them to be exact.

We make such a big deal out of even the "off-year" birthdays now that it makes you wonder what Star Trek did on its "Big 21"? Go out and get drunk? Prove that it was a grownup now?

Let's see, that would have been 1987 ... Hmm, oh yeah. Star Trek went out and pulled a party that lasted seven years—it premiered The Next Generation the week of Sept. 27, and showed the world how to do it again. Way to grow up, Gene's baby.

H/t to squiddo.com for the Trek cake photo!

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Stephen R. Wolcott said...

That was my intro to Trek. I was hired to promote the premiere 2 hour TNG movie. I remember going through dailies since we didn't have a complete show to work with.