Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sharing time with Gene—on the BBC!

For those who missed it, BBC Radio 5's Up All Night saw fit to mark Star Trek's 43rd birthday Monday night with a live show that featured moi and some audio clips of Gene talking at the *1968* WorldCon--i.e., just as the massive mail campaign engineered by Bjo Trimble saved TOS for a third season, and guarranteed enough eps to eventually syndicate it in the 1970s and lead to The-Rest-Is-History-land.

Our bit was hardly Shakespeare, but a lot of fun; the other guest, Devin Faraci of chud.com, and I held our ground against a couple of sympathetic Brit rowdies!

The 25-ish minute segment will still be online for 6 more days here — check there for the 08 September shows, but go to time index 0238 (2:38) out of the four-hour program.

Pacifica Radio in the U.S. also partners and runs it as part of their From the Vault series—check here for your local times and stations for this week.

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