Thursday, September 10, 2009

STV: Aren't you a little short to be a parody?

All these years on the pro side of Trekland can easily leave one jaded, but every once in a while life still has its geek moments. Sometimes they even pop up from another franchise! *gasp*

With TREKLAND truly alive now, I dusted off another "Switching to Video" long waiting in the wings... and so it was that, while in Dallas a year ago, I had a memory timewarp back to the days when just about the only things fans put on frames of celluloid were parodies and satires, not whole-cloth new fan-made episodes. And while FedCon USA may have been a bust, this moment was not. In short:


(Or Cindy Freeling (nee Furgatch).

Those of you wondering what the hell... I'll say nada but refer your Googlefingers to a little cult classic called Hardware Wars. Nuff said.


Tamara said...

I wanted to watch the video but was told it was private and that I needed to accept a friend request before I watched it. Anything special I need to do with my youtube account to view the video?

Kevin said...

I ran into the same snag. Aw, Larry, and you told me we were friends!