Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Whither Today's Trek?: More Trekland "Greatest Hits"

We all know Trekland is in a field of flux, but from how many different angles?

From my perch, I’ve been moved to muse about a lot more than whether or not Canon Point "A" exists in Timeline "B"— or whether JJ or "ZZ" is in charge. You try to get beyond the day-to-day newsflash and red-carpet quote machine ...and the big questions marks still remain. Maybe not *if* so much, as *how*. Or even *when*.

With so many new folks checking out Trekland here now that our website and Facebook page are running live ... and with so much headline candy out there taking up your brain space ... I thought this would be a good time to revisit some of my past ponderings where we talked about the "big picture" for Trek, the fandom and the biz alike. Maybe they'll be new to you.

Hindsight means you can even see how my predictions came out!

So, here's where I’m coming from—take a second for some talkback, too, and let all of us know where you are coming from.

8/5/08: We’ve Never Gone This Way Before

1/19/09 TV vs. Movie: Think about this

4/19/09 Trek’s Future: The Big Question


“Déjà vu All Over Again”: one of my 2006 Endgame columns for the Titan UK Trek magazine

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