Saturday, November 21, 2009

More stereotypes shredded—and on a Trek cruise, no less!

Bit by bit, we turn the tide. Trek is already mainstream, as if JJ's blockbuster didn't mean anything. Geez, we already have our first Trekkie president. But has fandom finally gone there as well?

Congrats to Charlie Datin at Cruise Trek and all his clientele on this excellent—and surprisingly thoughtful— new five-part online series just posted by travel writer Rolf Potts—and congrats to the good light it shines on buddy Vaughn Armstrong, Lolita Fatjo, Dominic Keating, Richard Arnold, Robin Curtis, and the whole Hee Haw gang. Potts, a non-fan, spent the recent CruiseTrek to Bermuda recording observations and confronting his preconceptions with both the Trekkies and the non-Trek contingent—and the Bermudans' reaction to both.

This year, between meeting "Trek anthropology" professor Daryl Frazetti and promoting and then co-hosting the "Spirit of Star Trek" series, to me it seems the lull in real Trek production has yielded yet another new twist to fandom: true mainstream acceptance. Or the realization that it was really there all along, and someone just f0rgot to alert the media.

(Or, at least, those crappy little local weekend news crews who still seek out the gooniest costumees at the local cons as typical.)

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