Wednesday, November 4, 2009

STV: LA ALERT! Phlox's ethical headaches: LIVE with John Billingsley Nov. 8

"I'm an explicator, not a fist-fighter!" (7:15)

Well, that's certainly a new twist on Bones' old chestnut. But that's what we got on this little video preview here with our returning good Trekland buddy, John "Phlox" Billingsley.

This time, John is the next great guest for Curtis Webster and Mike "Mr. Makeup" Westmore at "Spirit of Star Trek." If you're in SoCal this is the chance for a free evening: "Dear Doctor" on the big screen and an hour of Q&A and interacting on ethics, morals, and behind-the-scenes hijinks.
The "Spirit" series looks at how Star Trek raises issues of the philosophy and morals of humanity via the lens of its aliens, especially, so this month it's Denobula's turn. And if you've never been—this ain't no glib, shallow convention stint: Curtis has already welcomed Armin, Max, Ethan, O'Reilly, Rod, and Bob Picardo—and this is the last session of the year til after the holidays. It's held in a church but decidedly not "churchy"—as a glance at the backgrounds and attitudes of past guests will tell you.

Last month was a record high turnout... spread the word.

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