Monday, February 8, 2010

UPDATE: Auction time again: "ST: Experience II" gives up on "rescued" items

UPDATE: Sources clarifying: Auctions and non-use of old gear, yes; end of Neonopolis contract, no.

And as throughout: CBS' intention to see a new ST:TE— still very much go.

From auction/collectibles maestro Alec Peters and his Propworx Co. comes the news:
—The long-debated future of the stored ST: The Experience artifacts is settled: Neonopolis won't use them across town in Vegas.
—CBS Licensing is selling the warehoused assets—both artifacts and Quark's/etc. fixtures.
—There's a live on-site auction in Vegas Feb. 27—hurry!—followed by a few pieces to be auctioned this summer. (Photo above from Alec's blog, same link.)

This is out ahead of any formal CBS press release, but just to be sure: The Neonopolis license deal is still in place, sources tell me, and CBS Licensing still intends to pursue a "new" Star Trek: The Experience. There's no other new news re: the project—but this does mean that any future "museum" there would be all-new items, original or replica.

And, as Alec notes, most of the non-costume and sometimes now-damaged "artifacts" from ST:TE were indeed replicas, not originals from TV/film use. But think a sec—what they are now are true Experience originals ... and as ST:TE and Quark's are already the stuff of lore and legend, there will be no shortage of sentimental bidders, I'm sure. Costumes include those of the beloved on-site cast, as well.

BTW--Alec mentions the Enterprise-D is the lone "total loss" among among the BIG ships that once hung from the giant through-deck foyer. I can tell you it's because it HAD to be cut up just to get it out during demolition at the Hilton space; it had been installed in the construction before the major ST:TE/Quark's openings were framed up and sealed off. They was no other way to budge it, sadly. But wonder if there's a bridge module or main hanger deck section out there to be had? Don't trash it all, guys! Even in pieces.

Glad to hear all the other "big ships" are in good or at least salvageable shape: Here's how the giant Voyager looked almost exactly a year ago when we saw it during demolition of the whole space, parked in the "back corner" of what was the Promenade retail area (photos by moi):

So—what would YOU want to take home, if it's still around?


TardisCaptain said...

Dang, I was looking forward to a new Star Trek Experience.

Larry Nemecek said...
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Larry Nemecek said...

We may eventually get one, but it will be a few years and a "pendulum swing" back in fandom and economics before that happens. Sad.

It was amazing that the "rebirth" idea ever took hold in the first place. But Neonopilis' developer Rohit Joshi was right: it didn't make sense to close it in the first place, with a new tidal-wave movie on the way.

Michael said...

Gee, look at the huge footprint on the top of Voyager - must be when they visited The Land of the Giants!

I'm glad I was able to visit the ST:E in Dec. of 2006 (Hi, Monique!). It was a magical place (I loved the simulator ride). Little did I know it would be for the last time.

James C said...

yep, also glad I went when I did, Aug. of '06... my 40th BD gift to myself. was extremely sad to hear of it's demise.

Bram said...

I have a Quark's full-sized menu, some napkins, and that tall, blue, futuristic souvenir glass from Quark's, all of which I picked up at the media/VIP opening weekend of ST: The Experience. Guess these are now real collectibles, huh, at least minor ones?

Larry Nemecek said...

Bram-- I have the first Quark's menu from opening night, the last (black "memorial") simple menu--but missed getting one of the in-betweens, grrr.

What I really wish I'd done--and not thought they were so trendy until I realized they were timeless--was buy one of the Quark's bowling shirts. Or even a cheap little name badge (with LARRY) just like the employees wore. Oh well!

Selene Sue said...

What I would like is some wall art. Signage or banners.