Tuesday, February 9, 2010

UPDATE: CBS clarifies the "new ST: Experience" status

It's still ON.

Just for the record, this CBS statement is now out re: upcoming auctions and the resulting status of a "new" Star Trek: The Experience project in Las Vegas we reported on Monday:

“CBS Consumer Products remains committed to opening a new and exciting Star Trek attraction. We continue to work with our partners at Neonopolis regarding the development of a new Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas. In the interim, there are elements from the original Star Trek: The Experience that we know will not be utilized in any new attraction and plan to make those items available to the many wonderful fans of Star Trek: The Experience either by sale or auction in the near future. The final dates and details of such sales are in progress and we hope to announce more very soon.”

-- CBS Consumer Products spokesperson
This further clarifies our Monday correction to other surprising reports since Sunday, now corrected as well, that the upcoming auctions signaled any end to the current license for a new ST:TE with Neonopolis owners. Also, firm dates for a Las Vegas auction venue are now awaiting a second look—but apparently will still be well before a planned summer auction of choice pieces.

But the Neonopolis deal IS still in effect, as is the push for a new attraction.

With the current economy and the changing Trek landscape, there's still no announced word on just what that will be. But for fans, this is certainly better news than "death."


aprilhebert said...

Thanks, Larry! I'll bet Alec from Propwerx had no idea that his post about the auction would cause such a stir! Just goes to show how many people still care about STTE and want it back! CBS, Paramount, and Joshi--take note!

Larry Nemecek said...


Although--every little real estate blurb or mayor's throwaway line in the Vegas papers did the same thing, no?