Thursday, March 4, 2010

My how you've grown, Spirit of Star Trek!: Saturday's pics & lots more coming

Look at that Saturday front page! It was only a matter of time before the philosophy/ethics-rich "Spirit of Star Trek," the brainchild of my new friend Curtis Webster with my old friend Michael Westmore, finally hit critical mass and took off with some mainstream attention.

As you gentle readers know, I try to always shoot a vidchat blog for each session—where an actor or other Treklander notable screens one of their episodes with an apropos theme, followed by Q&A with Curtis, Mike and then the audience.

Now it is reporter Bob Strauss and the LA Daily News story that likely helped the turnout hit 60 this month—and that's with the first non-actor, non-Roddenberry guests ever: Roger Nygard, the Trekkies director (at left, below), and anthropology professor Daryl Frazetti (center), who teaches using Trek, Star Wars, Indy, Middle Earth, etc, themes, and now takes it on the con circuit.
And what an April for the Spirit of Star Trek gang:
—Curtis and Michael are doing a panel Friday, April 9 at "Monsterpalooza," the second-year Burbank convention for the film/stage monster art and make-up industry and its fans.
—A full-blown "Spirit" screening April 11 of Yesterday Was a Lie, the enigmatic sci-fi/film noir odyssey by September guests Chase Masterson and director James Kerwin, with Q&A afterward.
—A "Spirit" road show with Chase just prior, at Wondercon in San Francisco Saturday, April 3.
—A full-blown "Spirit" SNEAK PEEK early screening May 23 of Roger's new doc, the globe-trotting, non-Trek The Nature of Existence, with Q&A afterward.

And—finally scheduled!—Marina "Deanna Troi" Sirtis is coming April 25, with TNG's "The Child" and a theme about the alien in all of us.

So stay tuned—or better yet, get aboard. It's like no other Trek evening you've ever seen.

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Web313 said...

Spirit Of Star Trek has indeed grown, and Larry's support has been no small reason. My thanks to Larry for being there for SOST from the very beginning.
Curtis Webster