Saturday, April 24, 2010

STV: Support Trek's "Bald(ing) Eagles" May 9 for charity

In the annals of Star Trek charity endeavors, here's a real wing-ding. John "Dr. Phlox" Billingsley asked me to spread the word for his BEST team—video below!—so I hope everyone flocks in who can do so:

The L.A. Audubon Society marks its 100th anniversary with a "Bird-a-thon" May 1-9, and to help out, a quartet of Treklanders—the "Bald(ing) Eagles of Start Trek"—have put together a celeb team you can join live on the final day for four hours May 9, or pledge to from afar. In this STV video below, John B. talks of how he, Armin Shimerman, Bob Picardo and Ethan Phillips hatched the idea of the BEST team to help out the L.A. Audubon with its direct and educational environmental efforts to help birds—and by extension all habitat and species.

In town or out, just call Martha at 888-522-7428 or email:

Press release that John mentions is below the screen:

And, direct from the BEST guys (and Bonnie "General Beckman" Friederichy):

Join STAR TREK alumni ARMIN SHIMERMAN (DS9), ROBERT PICARDO and ETHAN “JOHNNIE" PHILLIPS (ST: VOYAGER) and JOHN BILLINGSLEY (ST: ENTERPRISE) for a fun-filled afternoon of bird-watching and picnicking, ON MAY 9, to celebrate LOS ANGELES AUDUBON'S 100TH BIRTHDAY!

Los Angeles Audubon promotes the protection of birds and other wildlife through recreation, education, conservation and restoration. They are celebrating their Centennial with a "Bird-a-thon," a week-long 'species trek' across L.A. County.

Between May 1-9, teams—accompanied by experienced birders—will select a Los Angeles County hot birding spot and venture forth, in a competition to see which team can spot the most species!


Armin, Bob, Ethan “Johnnie” Phillips, and John are forming the “BALD(ING) EAGLES OF STAR TREK TEAM” to help support the conservation efforts of Los Angeles Audubon! The first 30 people to sign up get to join us for an afternoon of adventure! We'll meet at a beautiful location, picnic on a delicious catered lunch, and then set forth to 'bird". Your contribution will also entitle you to attend LA Audubon's CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION, held (conveniently for us!), immediately after the conclusion of our afternoon peregrinations. You'll receive complete details re: venue(s), time, directions, etc., upon receipt of your check!

Here’s how to reserve your spot today! Call or email today- space is limited!

Call: 1.888.522.7428 Martha will assist you.

Cost: $150/person


You can still attend the Centennial Celebration! For $50, we can accommodate 20 guests at the Celebration on May 9th (to be held at dusk, in a beautiful outdoor location). The winning team (remember, there will have been a week of birdie rubbernecking) will be lauded, drinks and grub will be consumed, and LA Audubon's remarkable contribution to the health and vitality of our community will be hallelujahed.

Contact LA Audubon to reserve your spot at the Centennial Celebration!

Call: 1.888.522.7428 Martha will assist you.

Cost: $50/person


Support the Bald(ing) Eagles Star Trek Team anyway by pledging a $ amount per species spotted: $1 a bird, for instance. (And if you're fearful of the Bald(ing) Eagles’ bird-watching prowess - Jeez, I didn't know there were that many birds! - set a maximum contribution level for yourself! Your $10, $20, $25 pledge goes a long way to help our feathered friends!)

Call: 1.888.522.7428 Martha will take your pledge. Once the Bald(ing) Eagles are back from the field, Martha will let you know how many species they encountered and what your
donation will be.

Your participation will help support LA Audubon's conservation efforts: programs you will be helping to fund help rescue and preserve habitats for such beautiful birds as the endangered California Least Tern and the threatened Western Snowy Plover! Join the fun for a great cause!

How Rodddenberry-esque of his children: go protect the planet!

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