Monday, May 31, 2010

SoonerCon 2010 bound: C U N OKC!

Hey, packin' my bags tonight for a con trip like no other all year long: a voyage home to land-run land OK City and SOONERCON again!

SoonerCon pulls everything under its genre umbrella, it's growin' like a weed... and Saturday night features its famous alter-ego late-night SinnerCon. This year the theme is "A Bubba Odyssey" ... fusing two forces I never thought I'd embrace "out in the open" while growing up: geekdom, and red-neckedness! (Though there was the year the cowgirls in the country bar were dancin' with the Klingons, and their cowdudes didn't appreciate it...)

I get to see Jerry and Leonard and Kevin and Di and, and everybody, all my old peeps... and special thanks to Mike & Laura Ferguson and the UFP group, who insist on hosting me every year lately as a special guest in their program track. It's the one place all year long where Trekland sits on red dirt, and I get to talk new tales and old buds--a few tall tales, ensign?

So—are you with me!? I'll see ya there.... with some special surprises, of course.

And Con du Lac? Lake Charles LA? You're in my sights NEXT....!

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