Monday, May 31, 2010

Photo evidence: Bird-watching the Balding Eagles of Star Trek!

Yes, I'm slow—but I promised to share:

Thanks to all the fans who jumped in earlier in May to join or pledge to the "Balding Eagles of Star Trek" team—Bob Picardo, John Billingsley, Ethan Phillips (Armin Shimerman had a last-minute conflict)—and support the LA Audubon Society's "Centennial Bird-a-thon" and supported projects. (At right: Bob and John, background; Ethan in foreground)

A certain former Denobulan doctor tells me:
We saw one bird, and I inadvertently stepped on it. Very sad, really.

Nah, only kidding. I believe we saw (other people saw: I was always going "Where?
Where?") 39 species. The winning team saw over 100, but they went out at an ungodly hour, crack of dawn-ish. Apparently birds, unlike Mad Dogs and Englishmen, don't like to go out in the noon-day sun.

Armin couldn't make it, so don't look for him in the photos, it's not a Where's Waldo? thing.
Pics above/below thanks to Lisa F., via John:


MikeZ83 said...

Can't help it but that title reminds me of Patrick Stewart, Robert Picardo and Avery Brooks. ;)

Larry Nemecek said...

They certainly qualify... (they did have Bob) do Ethan, John (bald-ing, as he says) and Armin, who WAS to have been there.

Maybe Jean-Luc and Ben next time...!