Monday, May 17, 2010

Thank pig noses and pointed eares: sharing diversity via Star Trek

Thank goodness we didn't exactly have overwhelming numbers after all, but I think the Roddenberry Vision fit right in with the rounds of kids last Saturday who came through our little corner of Multicultural Day at Western Nevada College in state capital Carson City.

Between simple dress-up and role-play for four aliens and "us humans," the kids tackled the problem of whose planet got to host the "party" or festival to mark the Federation's next big anniversary. That's about how simple we kept it...but the day's theme of diversity and cooperation hopefully came through. As well as the fun of slipping on those pig noses or blue pipe-cleaners antennae ...

Of course, I think we had as many parents who wanted to hang out and take pics of their kids, as their kids themselves. More than one mom or dad came over and thanked us for "teaching Star Trek to their kids." Seriously... perfectly normal looking spring-weekend parents. Maybe we've got something here?

Thanks to Daryl Frazetti for inviting and hosting me and letting us try this idea...and thanks to John and Marian at CBS Consumer Products for the official Spock ears that we used! (And why isn't there a licensed Tellarite porcine-nose or Klingon forehead or Andorian antennae on elastic—not just generics or put-togethers? Talk about a hole in the market there...)

Sorry I don't have the names for the faces... but you get the idea. :-)

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