Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eleven years ago—more than coincidence?

Having a blast so far at the second edition of Con du Lac in scenic Lake Charles, La...

...and a Twitter poster reminded me, in part, of a not-so-odd coincidence.

ELEVEN years ago this weekend we were at an equally smallish-but-fun convention in High Point, NC....another Southern con, obviously.

What binds these two together today beside the humidity index rating is what struck me just now: June 11, 1999 was the day we got word that DeForest Kelley had died. Back then, we were just about to go into opening ceremonies, so I broke it to the attendees and we had a moment of silence. After I had had my own. I think I'll remind the crowd here today.

Where were you when you heard the first of the Original Crew had passed on?