Friday, June 11, 2010

STV: Greece and I make Marina cry—!?

Who'da thunk that Marina Sirtis, London-bred but with deep obvious roots in Greece, had never been to a Trek convention in her ancient homeland?

She and I both recently had a great chance to be among the guests at a small convention on the south coast, Terraformers II, — though it was not as long a chat as the last time we did this, and we raced the growing shadows as the sun dipped low into the waterscape.  Of course, Marina helped catch up with Trekland on what's what and what's coming up. No dog rescue this year, but with so much of her brother's local family there, Auntie Mina was having a ball.

Except when she gets choked up... :-)


toomanytribbles said...

thank you so much for posting this!
marina made me cry too.

i'd like to share these: two posts (so far) from terraformers II: marina sirtis and robert picardo.

and, to get an idea of the magic of the place, my pictures of sounion on flickr.

Dimitris said...

Great chat, Larry, thanks for posting!

Her presence was moving for all of us. She's really great.

And yes, she's a greek alright, our dance in the tavern a true testimony of this! ;)

Eric A. Stillwell said...

Nice chat, Larry! I miss Marina. She's always fun to hang out with a cons.