Monday, July 26, 2010

LA ALERT: Joining a great panel tonight on writing opps

Squeezed but by no means lost in the post-ComicCon, pre-Vegas rush...

If you're interested in hatching or exploring some creative new avenues for your talents as a writer, the Independent Writers of So Cal asked me to join a panel tonight on just that topic.

In Culver City at 7:30-9 tonight, join us for

Making Your Own Opportunities in Writing

Panelmates include TERRI CHENEY, author and mood disorder expert; JON DORF, award- winning author and playwright; PAUL RYAN, actor, TV host, producer, teacher; TRACY TRIVAS,A Princess Found and The Wish Stealers....and as moderator: MARILYN ANDERSON, comedy writer, speaker, and screenwriter.