Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meet me in Sandy Eggo: Comic-Con confluences

I guess I could be accused of "burying the lead" below my Comic-Con dissection Tuesday, but just for Quick Reference here's some good ways to stalk me this weekend if you need to:

—Selling and chatting all things Trekland in Autograph Alley at my times:
--11:30a-1p Thursday
--1-5p Sunday
, for the dazed survivors
—Crashing the Roddenberry party earlier/Geek Girls bash later, both Friday night—with Daryl and Curtis' Twilight Zone interactive anthro panel in-between at 8p
—Finally checking out Wil & Co.'s W00tstock phenom Thursday night, off-campus
—Eyeballing all the chotskis for the new at the mobbed CBS booth (4129)
—And grabbing any and all peeps wherever we run smack into each other .... including Gary's lineup at LightSpeed Fine Arts, of course (3745).

Again, this list is a sample, but loose and random. The way I like 'em. (Not to impugn at all the Star Trek booth babes from '08, above. You didn't really want to see just another CC square logo, didja?)

Don't forget, too:
2010 is the year we make contact... via Twitter. I'm so up-to-date.
You can always just twack me by tweets, Tweklanders!