Sunday, September 5, 2010

STV: BLTN*: Open 'The Gates' TONIGHT for Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Thanks to my "lost August," I'm only now getting to blog this video I grabbed with Robert Hewitt Wolfe at Comic-Con. Aside from Majel's memorial service in early '09, I had not really seen much of "Wolfie" since his days in the Hart Building as a young writer on DS9—starting with the Bareil/Winn debut, "In The Hands of the Prophets."

Though slow to post it, this "Switching to Visual" is a good reminder TODAY that his second ep of the season for The Gates airs tonight on ABC (10 PM PT/ET). In this, we cover that AND the funner stuff of Comic-Con San Diego, too... all from the sparse decore of my signing table.

Just goes to show how the serendipity of any con for anybody at any time can be a fun thing... So thank you, Mrs. Fields, for being the magnet that drew us together!

*Better Late Than Never!

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