Monday, September 6, 2010

Vegas late wrap: Here's to the winners—with thanks!

Still catching up... but I did finally want to thank everyone who came by the ever-busy table at ever-crazed Vegas Khaaan!, Creation-style. For the last year at the Hilton, the show went out in style—as you can see below: my prize winners!

Once again, I offered folks who signed up to the chance at a big prize drawing, which we held twice at close of day:

Alice Znelka was our winner for the Sunday prize pile ...

And Christy LaGuardia won the re-draw for Saturday's goodies:

(Attention 2009 winners: hate to say it, but your names got misplaced soon after the con. Write to me with what you won, and I'll get those pics up, too....)

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Skinny Arbuckle said...

great times at the con, and i'm so happy i was able to meet you! -- G.