Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Gene's Sandbox*!

Yes, can it be 44 years now since NBC's Thursday night TV preview viewers took a chance on some sci-fi show with the guy with the pointed ears ... on Sept. 8, 1966.

Never mind that "The Cage" pilot with Jeffrey  "Captain Pike" Hunter had been filmed in December 1964, almost two years earlier: Sept. 8th is now officially Star Trek's birthday date for all needs and occasions, foreign and domestic.

So, to celebrate, here's a treat and a blooper—a scene from either "Obsession" or "Immunity Syndrome," an actual frame cut from one of the original clips from film-can trims that Gene and Majel's Lincoln Enterprises used to sell to the kids, just to make ends meet.

You're welcome!

* From statement of various Trek writers: "It's Gene's sandbox; he just lets us play in it."


Dimitris said...

Happy Birthday to our beloved Star Trek! May it have another 44 years and more!

Jerry said...

I think that might indeed be "Obsession"; perhaps from the scene where Spock and McCoy confront Kirk in his quarters to question him about his chasing the "Vampire Cloud of Argus X".

As for the film clips - they're in a box somewhere, but I still have about 100 of them, mounted in half-size frames. Those were the days, eh, when the film clips, an occasional audio cassette, and our fanzines were all we had to sustain us between re-runs.