Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My designers are gettin' good Inc.! (Magazine, that is)

I've had some really nice comments and inquiries about my homepage and blog site designs, so indulge me a little while I brag about what my "hired help" have gone and done:

Lee Wochner, Amy Kramer and the gang at Counterintuity right here in Burbank were just spotlighted in the new issue of Inc. magazine: check it out (p. 118)!

Success Signals: Lee Wochner and Amy Kramer turn the volume up on social media marketing
Wochner feels that his and Kramer's theater backgrounds make them well-suited for this kind of work, and that the collaborative and intuitive creative process Counterintuity employs is a natural fit with social media.

The article focus is on social marketing as well as all the other aspects they cover—for entities connected with business, government, non-profits, and private creatives alike. Lee, is addition, is my Comic-Con guru (and Marvel cheat-sheet) that I can only hope to emulate. Nuff said.

 It's a pleasure and a privilege.

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