Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back from hiatus soon. Really. You'll love it.

Okay, gang—my apologies for seeming so dormant on the world's longest hiatus here the past few weeks, since the Alaska trip.

Lots of stuff happening on the home front and that's been distracting—but that's no excuse when there's so much Treklandia piled up and sitting in drafts to display, pass along, share.

Also, it's about time to replace the last-generation PowerPC G5 Mac tower—sadly, it cannot be upgraded—so I can do decent modern editing and use the high-fallootin' HD video off the new Canon Vixia I finally bought this summer. Both of which are key to the TREKLAND "Switching to Visual" bits you know and love.

All this to say—thanks for your patience and indulgence. ...

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