Tuesday, October 26, 2010

BLTN: So THAT'S what Isis has been up to all these years

Just making sure you did NOT miss this, amid a crazy-busy last couple weeks:

Angela Dorian, 1968 Playboy Playmate of the Year, charged in attempted murder: report

A one-time Playboy Playmate may be forced to cover up -- with a prison uniform.

Angela Dorian, who in 1968 graced the pages of the men's magazine as Playmate of the Year, has been charged with attempted murder, according to TMZ. ...
And why is this tucked away here on TREKLAND? Check out Angela Dorian in one of her uncredited roles:

Time was, we didn't even have good records on a lot of TOS non-speaking extras—a gap now slowly being filled in by many of us. That to-do list includes the name of just who it was that appeared as the very human form of "Isis" the cat, in the very last scenes of the would-be spinoff pilot "Assignment: Earth." So a h/t to Scott Dutton and his singular focus on that episode as a magnet—thanks to his little seed of online info, this startling news story about Angela Dorian ... or Victoria (Vetri) Rathgeb ... got way more play than it would have just a few years ago:

And what's the point really lost in all this?
Attempted murder or not—whoever knew a Playmate of the Year was EVER involved with Trek?


Larry Nemecek said...
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Larry Nemecek said...

Too bad we don't have the "mug shot" available—curious minds want to know if Angela/Victoria ever bobbed the cat ears off...

Anonymous said...

Victoria Vetri did not play Isis in human form. She was recently asked on her Facebook page which is maintained by a close friend. She replied that she was NEVER in Star Trek and that photo of Isis is NOT her.