Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The polls are in!—from Plano

DVDs and reruns still win out... and gaming is on the bottom.

That's how fans get their "Trek fix" in the Fallow Time — according to an informal, show-of-hands/applause survey I took from among 300+ fans at the Trek Fan Days show in the north Dallas burb of Plano, Texas.  A very opinionated, well-informed and sophisticated bunch, too, I might add.

Here's how that response went overall—in order of applause noise—when I asked:
"What's the main way you get your Trek fix these days, with nothing but a new movie every 2-3 years now?"
1) DVDs and TV reruns
2) Pocket novels
3) Comics
4) Local fan clubs and events
5) Gaming, video and otherwise
6) Fan films: view or take part

If all you Treklanders want to cast votes on a similar poll, I've put it up at larrynemecek.com. Sound off there yourself!

Now, many of you who've seen me over the years at conventions know that I love to share both pics and grins from my archives ... the visual and the verbal. And I hope it's been fun, plus a little eye-opening, on your Trek experience. We do "panels" of course on all kinds of topics, but the o' digital slideshow is the mainstay of my "solo act."

So you may understand how, the past two weeks at cons in the L.A. and Dallas areas, the last of visual projection power led me going in to feel a little, well, crippled. But both times I've gone to Plan B and it's been a hoot: we just talk about The Franchise: "Whither Star Trek?"

And thus, the show-of-hands polling. Here's more from Plano:

With our Bill Shatner as the headliner and the TNG boys onstage too, the crowd of 300+ that stayed put all day let me know that they overwhelmingly loved JJ's 2009 movie, with only a half-dozen flamers still vocally upset over the disputed issues of both canon and "Roddenberry soul."

On the other hand, as opposed to that newbie mob from the 2009 Vegas panel, in this Texas & etc. crowd only a half-dozen or so admit to being new fans only since JJTrek pulled them in. In other words, this was a veteran crowd.

But this was open mic night, and we got detailed feedback on everything from a new Trek TV series' chances and scope, to the depth (or not) of the Star Trek Online MMO game.

Thanks to the great crowd from all over who got to Plano—and who deluged me before an afterward. We are short on pix, but what a great, fresh and refreshed bunch! A pleasure to boldly go with you.

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Martin Parrott said...

Thanks for coming to our Plano event. I really enjoyed your presentation, even if the projector let you down.

Please come back to our event soon!