Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's a double-whammy in the new ST mag

The many off-camera faces of Patrick Stewart?

Hey, check it out—that's the theme of my latest Lost & Found column, spicing up yet another issue of the licensed Star Trek magazine from Titan Mags of the UK.

Issue 29 is now out on the stands, and the partial image at right is but a sample—snapped behind the scenes of Patrick while shooting the pilot "Encounter at Farpoint" back in '87. But who's with him, and where are they both? There's more where that came from—and across the years, too.

Once again, I'm a double-threat in each issue, now that "A Fistful of Data" is back. Check out this issue's queries:how I help the poor fan who can't find the Mutara Nebula in reel life ... and someone who has an iconic palette quandary about redshirts.

Oh, and there's really good articles to go with the pictures, too.

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