Thursday, October 21, 2010

Texasses, Okies, Arkies, Cajuns—see you in Plano?

If it seems like all I'm doing these days is veering from con to con ... well, that would be an accurate statement. Three in a row and we're done for the year...

But this Saturday and Sunday, I'll be part of the billing for the Star Trek Fan Days show by Official PIx at the Plano Center in Plano, Texas (not "Fancy, Texas").  The Shat has agreed to join me, as well as Christopher Lloyd, Tia Carrerre, Tom Felton of Harry Potter fame, plus TNG's Michael and Jonathan again —they're stalking me, after the Xpo!—PLUS Brent...and still more.

Wish I could stay for a true visit—head north up I-35 back to Red Dirt Land and back home—but it's to be a quickie weekend instead. Maybe some of y'all can get down the pike? It's a true show, not a convention—there's no evening events. But that leaves time open for us to "tour the locals." And for my homies: That will mean Braums, for chocolate chip shakes!

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Stompy said...

Larry-it's great seeing you at the the show-you're so KEWL