Monday, October 11, 2010

Thoughts on NYCC

Is it possible these past few weeks could be even more a blur?

Since I sneaked into NY Comic-Con, the trip was more about meetings than con-performance. So it was that while I did very little table-time—thanks, ye visitors who made it by!—I got more caught up with the "new" ... documentaries for TV ... and other such business. Still a great trip, with hopefully more news to come.

BTW: For you Brooks & Reiner "2000-Year-Old Man" fans, I felt like I was in Cave 17 when I wound up at Table 17.

I have just a couple more thoughts on "Trek and the Comic-Cons" here at this place.

Now it's on to two more cons in the next two weeks! The new Hollywood Xpo right here in L.A. at the Universal Hilton next weekend—where I will be Larry, your Trek Events Emcee—and then at Star Trek Fan Days in Plano, Texas just north of Dallas—back home to my next-door peeps.  We'll have me ever-evolving "Between the Cracks" digital slideshow and a lot of, well, Trekland philosophy to share.

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