Thursday, March 3, 2011

See ya, Seattle! Come say howdy at Emerald City ComiCon

Hey, if all goes well, we'll have a bigger splash than ever at Seattle's Emerald City ComiCon this weekend—Friday through Sunday.

There may be more surprises and impromptus... but for now check us out at these panels, all in Room 3AB:
—Friday,  5 p.m.: The return of my annual "Between the Cracks" Star Trek show: rare and blooper pics and info—and my big news of the year.
—Sunday, 1 p.m.: "Whither Star Trek?": Our traveling show and survey of the state of Star Trek today and in the future—heh: our opinions and your thoughts.

In between, I'll be tabling in the Exhibition Room in support of TREKLAND,, some of my past work, and this weekend's big news... check up later on!

Also in Seattle is friend & colleague Dr. Daryl Frazetti and his panels, with research and new books coming out on fandom—via anthropology: the fun kind, not the thick unintelligible kind.

Daryl will be sharing the table with me when not crazed by his schedule, also in Rm. 3AB:
—Friday, 4 p.m.: Anthropology of Star Wars
—Sunday, 11 a.m.:  Anthropology of Firefly
—Sunday, 2 p.m.: Cultural Symbolism of Gotham City and Metropolis

Oh, and Frakes, Spiner, Wheaton, and other guys 'n' gals will be there too. This marks Emerald City's first time to expand into three days, thanks to the new media influx. We'll see how it goes! And thanks again, Jim, for having us!


Chrystabel said...

Sitting in your 1st panel right now! Fun behind the scene photos!

flyboyncc1701 said...

My dear friend and colleague, Larry, is incredible! I hope that I can make it possible for him to attend many more cons this year and next for all he has done to support me both personally and professionally over the last couple of years I have known him, and especially this past year. So everyone be looking for him and his talks , slides, and projects in any corner of the universe we can get him out to! Thank you all too for your continued support of his pretty fun work. Don't forget to look at this site for the info and donation info on the documentary project as well! Thanks too for everyone that got turned on to my work via Larry's blog posts!