Friday, March 11, 2011

Trekfans lean to the left?

Maybe it's just MY peeps from Trekland...

But reports of the militaristic bent of Starfleet attracting a similar slice of fandom since the 1980s may be highly overrated—at least, according to the FEEDBACK LOOP poll at we recently retired.

Usually you regulars will notice we rotate polls in and out much more often, at least every 2-3 weeks. But in honor of last fall's mid-term elections, we had politics as the name of the game at Feedback, and left it up until just last month. It was HARDLY scientific, mind you.

The results? Per the pre-worded options and replies, in major clumps we had about 42% self-identify as some flavor of liberal, 21% as moderate, nearly 16% as some conservative stripe ... 5 % as "write-ins" and 16 % as apolitical geeks. See for yourself:

 And yes--we'll bring it back for a Round 2 sometime down the line!

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Dwight Williams said...

Sorry that I missed out on this particular poll, Larry! :-(