Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hittin' Southwest Louisiana for BayouCon this weekend: Come say "Comment ca va!"

Hey, Treklanders of the West Gulf—we're hittin' the road Friday for a fun weekend back in Lake Charles, La., at BayouCon III—a blast of a weekend, formerly called Con du Lac, and smack midway between Houston and New Orleans.

It'll be doubly fun with Vaughn "Admiral Forrest" Armstrong and Max "Rom" Grodenchik on the Trek side, plus SoulGeek founder and voice actor Dino Andrade and regional sci-fi and comics notables.

Yep, Justin Toney and his gang have planned a wild one—and how do I know?
BayouCon was moved so as to be a part of Lake Charles' vaunted Contraband Days, the big annual 12-day festival which celebrates the region's Contraband Bayou and former local HQ of pirate stashes of ol' Jean Lafitte himself—and annually restages his capture of the city and making the mayor walk the plank!

It wasn't quite plank-walking, but last year I walked the maze and got introduced as a halftime guest at the Swashbucklers' indoor football game*—which goes down as one my Top Five Unique Con Guesting Moments ever. Now while I ponder what a good blog that topic will be some day, I can only wonder how Contraband Days will top that in the "unforgettable" departmenr.

We'll help out the charity, share a lot of Trekland stuff as always, take soundings of what Trek fans are thinking—and finally, finally talk by Saturday about my big news this year. It's in their backyard, after all.

That's why I hope to see as many Cajuns, Creoles, Texasses—and even Okies and Arkies who can afford the gas—as possible. We'll have a blast! Now pardon me while I go brush up on my old Justin Wilson records, er, videos...

*Along with BSG's Luciana Carro, DS9's Chase Masterson and "Trekkies" filmmaker Roger Nygard—and suited Swashbucklers owner Thom Hager.

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