Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter: The secular humanist has come a long way

I'm talking here about Gene Roddenberry himself, of course... and the various iterations of formal religion, informal spirituality, and all the various spectrum-stops in between that reject either. They've been debated and discussed regarding their true meaning in Star Trek for years.

One of the engines powering all that now, of course, is the Internet—and the easy laptop access to posting video that now lets us peek into every little nook and cranny of the world that used to go by unseen to anyone but locals.

But I don't quite think I've ever seen anything like this: Somebody's obviously a big Trek fan at this Clay Center, Kansas, Christian school, and it's great that Trek is knocking down walls and opening minds—whether because  JJTrek's pure blockbuster power has crashed the mainstream party, or just that the TNG generation has now taken over everywhere. But this is still a stretch:
An Easter Trek

... As Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy and Lt. Scott, Asa Peterson, Samuel Graham, David Stuenkel and Brett Wallace came to an M-Class planet where they observed a world enlightened by Jesus ... "and may have even surpassed us."
... By the end of the program the Star Trek crew vowed to spread this knowledge throughout the universe.
I wonder what Kahless or the Vedek Assembly would have to say about that?

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Anonymous said...

Feel the wrath of the FSM! Oh, wait. The FSM doesn't get wrathful, doesn't care really.

In the words of a great American and a great humanist (one and the same, thankyouverymuch), "What a maroon!"

- AE Silas