Sunday, April 17, 2011

I said it, I claim it!

Before we get any further down the road, I almost forgot to stake claim to a little gem that just tumbled out of my mouth without warning, before an audience at Seattle's Emerald City Comic-Con last month.

In contrast to the appeal and fans of JJ's new alternate-universe Star Trek '09 blockbuster, I was groping for something better than "Prime Universe" for all the episodes and films from the 40 years of prior, Star Trek. Add it up: It's been famously 731 hours, all told, not counting the 2 of JJTrek.

And thus: "The 700 Club."

That's what I called them, on the run, when needing a contrast term for both the film stock and the fans.  And I rather liked it—being such an obvious opposite in vibe and context to Pat Robinson's notorious Christian TV-based televangelist news series and organization.

Yep, I'll claim it. Use it in casual inside-baseball conversation. Help pass it on!

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