Friday, April 8, 2011

TV WATCH: Two Frakes TONIGHT on Current TV's "Bar Karma"

I hadn't even heard of this intriguing little series—which is why I bet its eighth episode tonight is getting some of the show's bets PR ever.

That's because Jonathan "Riker" Frakes let it be known earlier this week via old-school Twitter—i.e., an email—that his lovely wife Genie Francis was guest-starring in the Bar Karma episode "Three Times a Lady" tonight at 10 pm ET/PT on CurrentTV. What you quickly learn about Bar Karma, if this is all new to you, is that viewers and fans can drive the show directly by submitting story premises.

What Jonathan didn't mention—the shy boy—was that he also DIRECTED IT...the latest in his busy slate of directing gigs. posted a Q&A with the director, too—with the public revelation that he'd been involved in pitching a new Star Trek TV series to CBS, as had some other names like Bryan Singer and The Shat himself, to no avail.

The rest of the Q&A is here—the show Bar Kama can be found here, but let us know what you think about its vague metaphysical underpinnings, willya?

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