Thursday, April 7, 2011

L.A. ALERT: Westmores and more this weekend at "Monsterpalooza"!

If you're a special fan of makeup folk and the creatures both alien and horrific they create for film, then you already know about the third Monsterpalooza show THIS weekend in beautiful airport-adjacent Burbank. Or ought to!

If not, here's the Trekland scoop: "modern era" Trek make-up supervisor Mike Westmore—a good friend to me and this blog—has a noon Saturday panel called "Behind the Mask," the actor's perspective on wearing such a prosthetic load. He'll be joined by Curtis Webster, his co-host for the "Spirit of Star Trek" series., now on hiatus awaiting a new home, and his daughter McKenzie—she of soap-opera Passions fame and now Face Off host  (and, yes a TNG "Angel One" youngster and Voyager's Ens. Jenkins of "Warhead.") PLUS Richard "Admiral Paris" Herd, who also went under the latex to play the Klingon L'Kor on TNG's two-part "Birthright."

It's a great chance to see them all in this context and gleam some great make-up/character stories. You might even get sucked up into the rest of the show!

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