Friday, June 17, 2011

Trek Props on Coins, Pt. 47: Who knew the Cardies got St. Paul?

Twitter Twekland seemed to get a kick out of this last night, so why not add pictures?

Spying a charity coin-donation card while checking out at a favorite eatery, I noted this sight peeking out at me from a cardboard slot:

Now, doesn't that look like a Cardassian disruptor rifle? Maybe with its rear handgrip  broken off?

But.... reality is tough.

Turns out it was just a loon ... upside down ... on the Minnesota state quarter:

Geek filter strikes again.

Okay, kids—now let's see how many Trek props YOU can spot on coinage of the world!

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Dave said...

How ironic that an upside down Cardassian phaser rifle should appear on Michael Eddington's family heirloom from DS9's Blaze Of Glory...

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