Saturday, June 18, 2011

L.A. ALERT: Hurry! Glorious "Solitude" with Robert Beltran is back through this weekend

What does this tell you: the all-sensual theatre piece "Solitude" is back for a short run through THIS Sunday June 19, and this week we saw it for the third time. For one of those earlier visits, we'd even paid for the tickets!

That's meant to be a great compliment. Our own Robert "Chakotay" Beltran is even better than the September 2009 first run, as is the entire cast—as is all the glorious music, gilt title projections, and "dance of life" choreography. The cast includes playwright Evelina Fernandez, too—who discusses it here, with a video to boot. Robert made a playful YouTube pitch to Trek fans for the 2009 run, too, which I posted here back then.

The play is being reprised as part of the RADAR international theatre festival going on this week in L.A., but plans are to take it on the road. I've not enjoyed such an all-immersive treat for the senses from a stage in ages, if ever—we just love that wall of music as the characters individually line-dance into each new scene, and even reset the stage. (And yes, it's 98% in English.)

Tickets are still out there for today and Sunday! You won't regret it! And you'll learn who Octavio Paz is, to boot.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report! I wish I lived closer and could have gone to see it. P.