Monday, November 28, 2011

STV: Rod previews Nov. 30's 'Trek Nation' on SCIENCE—and chats about even more

I'm so glad that, after a decade in development, Rod Roddenberry's Trek Nation has finally found its final voice and a home—broadcast to a huge audience via the SCIENCE Channel on cable. As you surely know by now with all the great buzz and promotion, it debuts THIS Wednesday, Nov. 30, at 8 & 11 ET/5 & 8 PT.

I'm also glad I had the chance this summer to sit down with Rod for a chat at the Vegas Khhaaann... where we talked about this, and even more changes at Roddenberry Inc, including the new namesake foundation that has already made its first potentially life-changing award. Oh, and the fun and exploratory stuff is all still there, too.

I remember going in with Dan Madsen at the first Creation Vegas mega-convention in 2002 and meeting Rod, director Scott Colthorp and their crew when they first began, becoming one of the first of what became hundreds of hours of interviewees ... part of the mass of footage behind Rod's apologies to fans for the delay in getting to a final product the past few years.  But it is, premiering at last and well worth the wait.

Take a listen to his story of the process... and then tell him "hi" at the next big convention where he and partner Trevor Roth are on hand. Meanwhile, the good reviews are already pouring in for Trek Nation, but we'll wait til after Wednesday to weigh in. For now, take a listen to our chat ...and Rod's thoughts on his other projects:

The official Trek Nation promo is up everywhere now, too...

But don't miss this, either: a lot more Trek Nation from Scott Colthorp's short-form "Director's Log" series of unused footage and personal thoughts on Trek and the whole project, on YouTube and via the Facebook page... plus Twitter, too!

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